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Thursday, 28 October 2010 16:59   

Good governance, World Trade Organization (WTO) membership, political stability and Democratic Government, its geographic position, its culture and the “morabeza” (welcoming nature) of its people make Cape Verde a preferred destination for foreign investors looking to invest in Africa.   

Moreover, Cape Verde’s progressive integration in the world economy, private sector development, incentives and promotion of foreign investment are all determining elements in the archipelago’s socio-economic development and create new opportunities for the country.

On the islands of Boa Vista and Maio there are inumerous businesses opportunities in different sectors that sustain tourism.

Therefore, in partnership with SDTIBM, infrastructure investments can be made in the Integrated Tourism Development Areas (ZDTI) and, tracts of land already infrastructure can be made available for investments in resorts, hotels, SPA, golf courses, apartments, residencies, villas and property units, casinos, convention centers, boutiques hotels, commercial areas, bars, restaurants, amphitheaters, exhibition centers and shopping centers.

There is also an array of investment opportunities in the sports sector, such as: diving schools, nautical sports academies, tennis academies, horseback riding centers and offshore and onshore marines.

In terms of products and services, the islands of Boa Vista and Maio also offer investment opportunities in various sectors, namely:

i) education – through the construction and management of vocational schools;

ii) health – through the construction and management of hospitals and medical centers to satisfy the needs that might arise with the conventional and real estate tourism;

iii) transportation;

iv) agricultural industry;

v) stockbreeding;

vi) fishery and fish preservation;

vii) culture and entertainment;

viii) public housing and condominium management.

Water and energy production and distribution are business areas open to foreign investment, as are financing and/or exploitation of ports and airports infrastructures.

Investment guarantees and incentive - Foreign Investors

The Law nº 26/VIII/2013, of January 21 assures to investors a number of tax benefits that can, among others, present the form of exemptions, tax cuts, and tax credit such as:

• Tax benefits to investment: investment crédit, Property Tax Exemption;

• Tax benefits for internationalization: tax benefits in place of Single Tax Income (IUP);

• Tax benefits for savings and financial sector;

• Tax benefits with a social character;

• Customs tax benefits;


Incentives for tourism investment -– Tourism Utility Statute

The incentive for tourism investment are given by attributing a Tourism Utility Statute to tourism enterprises, as prescribed by the Law n. 55/VI/2005, of January 10th, which can be applied to the following:

• Installation Tourism Utility;

• Functioning Tourism Utility;

• Remodelling Tourism Utility.





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