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Wednesday, 08 September 2010 18:14   
In terms of planning, the SDTIBM’s activity is based on Legislative Decree No. 2/93, dated February 1st, which establishes the land management and land use regime in areas that the Government has specifically allocated for tourism development - Integrated Tourism Development Areas.  ZDTIs are the underpinning and reference activities of SDTIBM, whose main tasks of planning, management and development, as provided by law, are focused on the land included in these ZDTIs.
Thus, with the restrictions provided for by the law, land use and occupation within the ZDTI are totally instrumental for tourism development. However, this development should be planned, as defined by law. It is in this context that we have the POTs (Tourism Land Management Plans), one for each ZDTI. The POT, a regulating tool approved by the Government, should establish the main planning options, such as the territorial allocation of areas for construction, areas for services and for landscape, including the setting and distribution of urban density, road network scheme, infrastructure designs, the setting of building standards and enunciation of the overall development program.
Through the POTs, the law intends to ensure that tourism development within the ZDTI will emerge and gradually become informed by a particular existing idea that is coherent and integrated, albeit based on an idea conceived for each of the portions of land that form a ZDTI - an idea thus conceived based on the characteristics of each ZDTI (population, geological, ecological characteristics, etc.). The POT is, therefore, understood as being the basic element for tourism development. In light of the law, the conceived idea has to exist before the law and be its informing element.
On a more detailed and subordinated level, the law provides for having PODs (Detailed Land Management Projects), which locate and regulate, within the designated areas and in the POTs, the construction of both hotel establishments and real estate units, as well as social facilities  and services. 
On an even more detailed level, next comes the POE (Work and Construction Projects), which are the technical construction projects.
Concerning the preparation of these instruments, the law determines that the ZDTI managing body for the islands of Boa Vista and Maio - the SDTIBM– is responsible for preparing the POTs and the Government for approving them. However, the PODs are approved by the above mentioned managing entity, although they are, in principle, prepared by the promoter of the tourism development. As they are construction projects, POEs should be prepared by the investment promoter and are subject to approval by the managing entity.

The Tourism Land Management Plans for all the ZDTIs on the islands of Boa Vista and Maio have been approved and published in the Official Newsletter, with the exception of the ZDTI of Pau Seco, on the Island of Maio, to be approved soon.



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