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Organizational Structure

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Board of the General Assembly  :

  • Mr. Eurico Pinto Monteiro – Chairman
  • Mr. Ricardo Lima – Secretary
  • Mr. Agnelo Silva - Secretary

Board of Directors:

  • Mr. João Pinto Serra – SDTIBM CEO
  • Mr. José Manuel Carvalho – Executive Director
  • Mr. Alexandre Monteiro – Executive Director
  • Mr. Adão Rocha – No Executive Director 
  • Mr. Almerindo Fonseca– No Executive Director 

Single Auditor:

  • Mrs. Argentina Barros
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Organizational Structure
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According to its Statute, the SDTIBM governing bodies are the following:

A.      The General Assembly

The General Assembly is made up of the shareholders with voting rights, and each 100 shares correspond to one vote in the General Assembly.

The General Assembly meets at least once a year, and whenever it is summoned, according to Law, by the Board of Directors, the Single Auditor or any shareholder detaining or representing at least 5% of STDIBM's stock capital.

Deliberations are made by absolute majority of issued votes, abstentions do not count, whenever the law or the statute do not require a qualified majority.

The Board of Directors members and the Single Auditor must attend the General Assembly meetings.

B.      The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of a Chairperson and of four Directors. The Chairperson and two Directors are elected by a State’s proposal and the others by proposasl from Boa Vista and Maio Local Authorities. 

The Board of Directors meets monthly and whenever summoned by its Chairperson, by its own initiative or under request from, at least, two Directors. Besides, it may deliberate validly whenever the majority of its members are present. Deliberations are taken by majority of issued votes.

It is the Board of Directors’ responsibility to ensure the management of SDTIBM businesses.

The SDTIBM ordinary management and representation acts rest with the Executive Committee (made up of a President and two Directors), within the framework of powers delegated by the the Board of Directors pursuant to its Statute article 21, no. 1.

For better fulfillment of its roles, the Executive Committee assigns one or more areas to specific departments of the Society, as follows:

• Institutional Relations, Judicial Relations, Public Relations and Human Resources Division

• Administration, Finance, IT and Marketing Division

• Planning, Infrastructure and Enforcement Division

It should be pointed out that the work division does not exempt the Executive Committee members from being informed about all the SDTIBM matters and submitting proposals relative to any of them.

C.      The Single Auditor

The social activity audit is charged to the Single Auditor who is elected for a renewable three-year term. 


All the General Assembly Board members and those of the other Governing Bodies are elected by the General Assembly for a three-year term, which is renewable once or more. Their respective mandates last until the election of new members and the time they take office, except for cases of replacement, resignation, or destitution.



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