ZDTI of Pau Seco


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ZDTI of Pau Seco
Monday, 29 November 2010 19:14   

This is a small ZDTI with only 224 hectares, located on the west coast of Maio Island and comprising a beautiful bay. Limited in number and located only in the southern part of the ZDTI, the beachfronts has very good bathing conditions. The remaining beachfront is rocky but with exceptional views.

Being located far from the other two areas, this ZDTI needs a specific access road, requiring a special treatment in terms of public investments to be made and the tourism development guidelines to be provided. The adoption of a medium-high standard (with a building edificability rate of 15%) is considered to be viable, to respond to advantages resulting from the critical mass that this index allows to create, in an area without significant geotechnical restrictions to the implementation of constructions, and close to important urban centers, which are expected to grow, keeping up with the tourism development.

The adoption of an alternative orientation is also considered to be possible, based on the creation of an exclusive, high quality tourism center, which includes high quality facilities and services, associated with a sophisticated treatment of the spaces that include vast artificial water plans, thus contributing to overcome limitations in terms of bathing fronts. In any case, the establishment of a medium/high standard for this ZDTI, eventually associated with the purpose of making the infrastructures that this area demands viable, will predictably and desirably translate into top level projects, thus contributing to make Maio a top quality tourist destination.

Although Pau Seco doesn’t have a POT yet, it is estimated that over the next 40 years or more, around 4,148 rooms will be built in this ZDTI.


Desired quality: Very high and high

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