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M - Sanitation
Thursday, 25 November 2010 15:53   

Sanitation, Collection of Effluents, Wastewater Treatment and Reuse – wastewater will be treated and reused in the production of green spaces. To achieve this, two Wastewater Treatment Plants will be built, one in Vila do Porto Inglés and the other to the north of the ZDTI of Ribeira D. João, besides the corresponding reservoirs and distribution systems.

Collection and Treatment of Solid Waste – 15 interface stations will be installed throughout the island, especially in  the southern part, for separate waste disposal (glass, paper, metal/packages, organic waste and common waste), connecting the local collection with the final collection, to deposit the common waste in landfills, following the island’s ring road. It is important to note that the implementation of each of the above infrastructures should keep up with the developmental process, adjusting installation capacities to the identified needs in each developmental phase. In areas where investments are reproductive, the SDTIBM will seek the engagement of partnerships to explore them autonomously and efficiently. In areas where investments are not reproductive, the SDTIBM will seek joint financing (total or partial), in accordance with conditions that are yet to be negotiated.



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