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Thursday, 25 November 2010 15:48   

External Access – the developmental outline requires the creation of external accesses, which are divided into two essential aspects: air access (international and national) and maritime access (essentially national but considering a future international component, in connection to the possibility of inserting this island in the international vacation cruise routes). In terms of air access, the plan is to build a new airport infrastructure with a 2,100-meters long and 45- meters wide runway, making it suitable for point-to-point international flights. It will be located uphill and to the left of the current airport, near Morro. In terms of maritime access, the plan is to adapt the Port so as to facilitate the disembarkation of passengers and enable the unloading and storage of fuel, as well as the storage of a greater number of containers.

Internal Access – The plan is to build a structural road, with two lanes in each direction connecting the Airport/Vila do Porto Inglés/ZDTI of Ribeira de D. Joao, and one road with one lane in each direction connecting the Airport to the ZDTI of Ponta de Pau Seco.




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