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Thursday, 25 November 2010 15:42   

Sanitation, Collection of effluents, Treatment and Reuse of Wastewater – predictions about the total volume of effluents that will need treatment, as well as the distribution and location of the respective origins, point to the need of a system based on three main units, with tertiary treatment – for recycling and use of irrigation waters – and an independent complementary system to support northern part of the island.


Collection and Treatment of Solid Waste – in view of the estimated total volume of waste generated and its respective origin, it is predicted that the organic waste (indiscriminate) will be deposited in landfills. It could also be stored for subsequent recycling of paper, metal, glass and plastic waste. Regarding the collection of solid waste, it is advisable to adopt a general rule of separating the collected waste and putting it in different recipients for organic, glass, paper, plastic/metal/packages waste. The collection process should be processed in two stages: primary collection (responsibility of resorts and hotels) and a secondary collection (responsibility of the public services), articulated in points of interface. As for the “internal” networks and equipments of each enterprise, the POTs state the minimum mandatory technical requirements, leaving the outlines and locations up to the promoters, to be established in the Detailed Land Management Projects.



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