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Thursday, 25 November 2010 15:36   

Production, Transportortation and Distribution of Power - a single thermal station that uses fuel oil engines, predicted to reach 62mwcapacity, will be installed near Rabil by 2020. The system will  be completed by a thermal park with installed capacity of 18mw. It sould be streeed that , in order tosatisfy the short, medium and long terms consmption needs of tourism enterprises and residents, as well as collect and treat wastewater, SDTIBM has opted to engage the support of private partners. This partnership has resulted in the creation of AEB (Boa Vista's Water and Energy company) which, in 2008, increased the previously existing production capacity on the island of dunes by more than five times and that will increase its production capacity according to the overall growth needs of the island. Later on, and if necessary, another energy productstation will be installed in the southern part of the island.




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