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ZDTI of Ribeira D. João

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Planning of the ZDTI of Ribeira D. João

Total area 

 1,060 ha

Environmental protection area

194,82 ha

Tourism development area

 865,18 ha

Edificability rate


Hotel Component


Real State component


Service component





 Ministerial Ordinance nº 2/2010, of January 11 - Approves the Tourism Management Plan ( POT) of the  ZDTI of Ribeira D. João

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ZDTI of Ribeira D. João
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 17:48   

Located on the East coast of Maio Island, it is the biggest ZDTI of the island, with 1,060 hectares, of which 924 hectares (87.16%) are intended for tourism occupation and 126 hectares (11.88%) for environmental and landscape protection areas.

 The fact that this ZDTI includes points of environmental value, – namely Lagoa do Cimidor and some other small beaches where turtles lay their eggs, – justifies that, in addition to a high- to very high-quality standard, also entails a dominant environmental aspect in the theme to be incorporated in the the resort to be developed. Furthermore, the environmental requirements connected to the need for turtle protection impose the adoption of particularly demanding criteria with respect to the protection of beaches where they lay their eggs. It will also be necessary to establish a safe distance between these areas and construction areas.

 The requirements inherent to this orientation justified the adoption of a edificability rate of up to 8% so as to provide better occupation conditions, taking into account the aim to protect and value the environment. In some cases, this will involve the need for functional recovery of the ecosystems, such as the case of Lagoa Cimidor.

 It is estimated that over the next 40 years or more, around 8,278 rooms will be built in this ZDTI.


Desired quality: Very high and high


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