ZDTI of Santa Monica

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Planning of the ZDTI of Santa Mónica

Total area

3,432 ha

Environmental protection area

2,460 ha

Tourism development area

971,9 ha

Edificability rate


Hotel component


Real State component


Services component





 Ministerial Ordinance nº 21/2009, of  June 8 - Approves the Tourism Management Plan (POT) of the ZDTI of Santa Mónica

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ZDTI of Santa Mónica
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 17:45   

This ZDTI encompasses a total area of 3,432 hectares divided into two very distinct sub-areas (West Santa Monica Subarea and East Santa Monica Sub-area), which are, in turn, divided into eleven sub-areas, each with differentiated tourism profile and parameters.

The West Santa Monica Sub-area - punctuated by a large area of wetlands extending in its entirety parallel to the sea front -  was subject to very careful planning to preserve that ecosystem and is based on high quality Standards based on an edificability rate not superior to 6%.

The East Santa Monica Sub-area  corresponds to a continuous and relatively uniform strip, with a regular soft pendent to the sea, where there are no relevant limitations to tourism occupation, with the exception of the maritime public domain. This sub-area will be object of a more intense and systematic occupation, correspondent to a medium-high quality standard, pointing to an edificability rate not superior to 10%. With this construction rate, it is estimated that around 28,650 rooms will be built in this ZDTI over the next forty or more years.


Desired quality: High, Medium-high, Medium

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