ZDTI of Morro de Areia

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Planning of the ZDTI of Morro de Areia

Total  area

624 ha

Environmental protection area

149 ha

Tourism development area

475 ha

Edificability rate


Hotel Component


Real State Component


Services component





 Joint Ministerial Ordinance nº 1/2009, of February 2 - Approves the Tourism Management Plan (POT) of the  ZDTI of Morro de Areia

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ZDTI of Morro de Areia
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 17:44   

 This ZDTI holds a total area of 624 hectares, with no previous commitments, although with some geographic constraints to be respected, namely limited number of beaches and a very significant limitation in using the seafront due to the fact that this point of the coast is an important area for shark mating.

There will, therefore, be necessary to structure a specific development program based on alternative attractions to bathing tourism, structuring bathing as a complementary practice, oriented towards the more adequate points on the Northern and Southern extremities of the island. The feasibility of this tourism development recommends the adoption of a very high quality standard and an equilibrium of products focused on the conjugation of areas of great exclusivity with attractive high quality facilities. The inclusion of a Casino is considered to be highly appropriate as an important focus of this ZDTI’s attraction.

After deducting from the ZDTI territory all the areas subject to constraints impeding their occupation, is left a designated tourism development area with 475.19 hectares. This area bears a maximum edificability of 308,153,35 m2, which corresponds to a maximum edificability rate of 8%. With this edificability rate, it is estimated that around 4,370 rooms will be built in this ZDTI over the next forty or more years.


Desired quality: Very high

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