ZDTI of Chave

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 Planning of the  ZDTI of Chave

 Total  area

1,654 ha

Environmental protection area

853 ha

Tourism development area


Edificability rate


Hotel component


Real state component


Services Component





 Ministerial Ordinance nº 20/2008, of Jully 7 -  Approves the Tourism Management Plan (POT) of the ZDTI of Chave

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ZDTI of Chave
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 17:40   

This ZDTI encompasses a total area of 1,654 hectares divided into three sub-areas – North Chave Sub-area (725 hectares), Center Chave Sub-area (613 hectares) and South Chave Sub-area (316 hectares).

Land management of the ZDTI of Chave was guided as a complementary filling of areas with highest density (existing commitments), by adopting an edificability rate no higher than 15% and a forecast of edificability rates, for the available segments, that encourage the implementation of high to medium-high quality developments, with a edificability rate between 5% and 15%.

It is accepted that the combination of typical medium-high and high standard parameters, with the appropriate balances between the different types of products to be considered, including strengthening the wide range of equipment and services in the segments affected by previous commitments to tourism planning, can ensure the sustainability of an overall medium-high to high standard.  There is also the possibility that, with the consolidation of this scenario, situations are likely to arise for  the possible improvement of existing units, thereby increasing the general standard of quality in this area.

After deducting from the ZDTI territory all the areas subject to constraints impeding their occupation, is left a designated tourism development area with 801.39 hectares. This area bears a maximum edificability of 981,383,78 m2, and with this edificability, it is estimated that over the next forty or more years there will be around 11,614 rooms in this ZDTI, 30 % of which will be hotel rooms.


Desired quality: High and Medium-high


Business oportunities with SDTIBM:

·         Noth Chave and South Chave – Sale of infrastrutured land and concession of the surface rights of land for golf

·         Center Chave – Sale of infrastructuraled land




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